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  • 11, 12 and 13. Januari ’23

    11, 12 and 13. Januari ’23

    It was a grey, wet day on the 11th. of January, and I didn’t have much time. So I decided to take the car for a short trip to some sites around local lake. It felt a bit like cheating my Low Carbon Birding efforts, but I needed to get out of my rut. The […]

  • 10. Januar 2023

    Despite my bad conscious about driving a car to go birding, I had less trouble today driving a car to buy bird food. Well… my poor friends where outside waiting for me… I couldn’t let them wait… Comes to show that humans are creatures that can show unpredictable behaviour.. There was not too much happening […]

  • 9. Januar 2023

    I thought about going for a little trip with the car today as the weather was grey and rainy again, but after I brought the children to school it was still dark. To make the best use of the time waiting for light I started organizing a bit in the house. That’s where I found […]

  • 8. Januari 2023

    8. Januari 2023

    Todays 1 hour Backyard BirdWatching gave me 5 new species for my 2023 Backyard list, bringing it to 27 species. 1 Whooper Swan flying by, a Herring Gull doing the same, and because of the southern wind, I could hear a Great spotted woodpecker drumming, a Jay screaming and a Nuthatch “imitating an electronic car […]

  • 7. Januar 2023

    7. Januar 2023

    Another grey and dark day with first rain and then fog. Managed though to take pictures of this female Kestrel with a very low shutterspeed (1/125) necessary because of the low light. But it gives the wings a suggestion of movement, which is nice. Yesterday evening I watched this video: Which was a nice, fluent […]

  • 5. Januar ’23

    Went for a walk with the children today, through the forest to the local lake and back, 5,5 km – it took us 2 hours. I was allowed to record a Goldcrest in the forest – but according to the children it clearly wasn’t supposed to be a bird trip. I am still trying out […]

  • 3. januar 2023

    Det blev kun til ca. 45 min. Boligbirding, som nu ikke bragte det helt store. Men det lykkedes dog at identificere en flok Kvækerfinke fra uskarpe billeder, sådan at jeg i alt kom op på 21 arter i 3 dage. Det går og det kører nu. Jeg optog lyd i de 45 min, uden det […]

  • 1. Januar 2023

    Det er utroligt hvor stille det er i haven. Efter tre timer med at se ud af vinduet og 45 min. fuglekig i haven har jeg kun 11 arter. Maden på fuglebrættet er kun rørt 2 gange af en bogfinke, fedtbollerne har en Rødhals kigget på. Er det mon pga fyrværkeri fra i går? Jeg […]