11, 12 and 13. Januari ’23

It was a grey, wet day on the 11th. of January, and I didn’t have much time. So I decided to take the car for a short trip to some sites around local lake. It felt a bit like cheating my Low Carbon Birding efforts, but I needed to get out of my rut.

The main goal was a flooded part of land where there should be a lot of geese and hopefully something else as well. I counted about 300 Graylag geese and about 20 greater White-fronted geese. The something else today were Lapwings and Shellducks. There were no surprises at the other two sites along the lake that I visited and all in all I saw 23 birdspecies.

More important perhaps was that I got to see how much water has gathered in the whole area. I really should go by bike there as soon as I can.

The best find was a Mistle thrush on a golf track (pictured above). It is said that a few might stay here in mild winters. The last 7 days there were only 24 observations registered in the whole of Denmark.

I didn’t find it a very good idea to go birding by car like this, as I didn’t move (at the end of the day at only had about 2500 steps for the whole day!) and I didn’t feel very connected with the nature I visited.

But it was a quick and practical way of seeing some birds.

12. Januari ’23

The most impressive thing of the day was the video I saw about NocMic, the recording of birds flying around at night:

I found that this lecture/ video is all I need to start Nocmigging (??), it has a wealth of information and I got rather enthusiast.

A 15 min. recording at the end of the evening didn’t give me any bird though, and even though I now have tried a couple of times, I didn’t record any bird yet. But as the video suggest, January is also one of the worst months for NocMig recordings, as not much is flying around at that time of the year.

But I am looking so much forward to my first night-bird, that I will try anyway as soon as there is a dry and not windy night again.

13. January ’23

Green finch flying over

With yesterday’s video in mind I spent some time with the sound recordings I have so far. I had noted down in my task list to go and tjek a songbird flying over at the end of the January 8th. recording, and there I indeed found the above fragment of a Greenfinch flying over. As I doubt just about anything, I wasn’t sure “in the field” about it being a Greenfinch, so it was good having it recorded. Backyard Birding species ’23 nr. 30 it is.


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