10. Januar 2023

Despite my bad conscious about driving a car to go birding, I had less trouble today driving a car to buy bird food.
Well… my poor friends where outside waiting for me… I couldn’t let them wait…

Comes to show that humans are creatures that can show unpredictable behaviour..

There was not too much happening during my 30 min. backyard birding, but I did have my recorder on the whole 30 min. And I had noticed a bird flying over that I could not immediately recognise. The recording was good enough, and because I had marked the place where I had heard the bird, it was easy to find. That was also necessary, because it was a short sequence in the middle of some chatting of Tree Sparrows.

So it felt a bit of a triumph that I had heard it nevertheless, that it was on the recording and that I could find and identify it (with the help of Birdnet).

Backyard Birding ’23 species nr 28: Common Redpol.


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