7. Januar 2023

Another grey and dark day with first rain and then fog.

Managed though to take pictures of this female Kestrel with a very low shutterspeed (1/125) necessary because of the low light. But it gives the wings a suggestion of movement, which is nice.

Yesterday evening I watched this video:

Which was a nice, fluent and all around introduction. But the main thing for me was that it introduced a lot of other courses that sound very interesting. So I want to try to keep on eye on the series.

And this one from tonight made me realize that I have about zero knowledge of owls, and that I have only seen Tawny owls in my entire life (as far as I know).

It makes me want to go look for owls. Might be a nice winter thing to do.
I can read in my bird book that there are 7 nesting species in Denmark, and it seems that winter is a good time. I know that there are 1 or 2 Tawny owls living rather close by, but I have never found them other than once or twice in a tree in our garden right after sunset.


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