6. jan 2023

A very rainy and windy morning. It was my chance to go birding today, but with the weather this bad I gave up. Without a camera or recorder, in dark, cold and wet weather doesn’t make too much sense.

In stead, I started to look at the number of birds found in the various locations around the village I live in. I had collected some numbers from the Danish birding database DOFbasen when I started birding – marts 2020 – and now I could update them and have a more experienced look at it. I noticed for example that one of the key sites nearby was missing and how good it is to analyse and plan before starting a new year of birding. There are several sites that I might have underestimated, most of them being lakes.

I am still confused about my plan for this year, because I was looking so much forward to visiting some “real nature”, some true birding sites like the beach and sea. But I still feel a bit bad about using the car to go birding. Those two things just don’t seem to match. But I think I have decided today, with the help of my location-listing today -that I will concentrate on Low Carbon Birding (on foot and bicycle -hopefully) and will keep on eye on myself and my joy of birding, as to give myself permission to carefully pick a day a few times this year and visit something else than the local forest and lake.

This also because I do not have that much time during the day, so I can’t give myself a whole day to cycle to the beach and back.

But I like lists, so I’ll just keep a Low Carbon Birding list – trying to reach a 100 species again. Not sure if I will make it to the 116 like last year, but it will be fun.


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