5. Januar ’23


Went for a walk with the children today, through the forest to the local lake and back, 5,5 km – it took us 2 hours.

I was allowed to record a Goldcrest in the forest – but according to the children it clearly wasn’t supposed to be a bird trip.

I am still trying out sound related things and learning. But so far I am very pleased with the results.

Bird sounds are here to say, I’d say. We never saw the Goldcrest – but it was clearly there.

It was my first day trying the shotgun microphone that came with the recorder, and even though there is a lot of noise with high gain, it seems very practical – small and light – and does its job well. My main aim is to be able to identify birds, and the recordings will help.

I was thinking that the shotgun might help me to see the birds sometimes. As I have some difference in hearing between my left and right ear, and therefore I sometimes have trouble locating a bird. With a headset and the (mono) shotgun it should be fairly easy to locate where the sound comes from.

Backyard Birding: 22 species.
Low Carbon Birding: 28 species.
Motorized Birding: 1 species.


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